Pride People

Pride people are valued and well supported throughout the company. We deliver a high quality service by employing
the best applicants through our professional recruitment process, involving full reference checks.

We train and develop our staff to work together in highly motivated and well performing teams. The same standards of training and support are provided for single staff working on smaller sites.

Effective communication systems are at the heart of our company and underpin all our work. Personal contact with our supervisors
and managers is a key criteria for our ongoing success. We believe passionately in working proactively to prevent any problems from occurring through listening and taking prompt action. We will not leave you waiting for the solutions!

Our staff and clients are well supported by appropriate supervisory and management structures. All clients have a direct line to our senior managers, who will make sure you are completely happy with the cleanliness of your premises and the services you are receiving.
We know how important this is for your business and customers.

We use tried and tested Quality Auditing procedures and conduct regular reviews of all our cleaning methods. Working in consultation with our clients, we ensure that their needs are continuously met and our high cleaning standards are retained at all times.

Pride Cleaning Ltd is a member of the Kent Business Chamber
of Commerce and we have full public liability and employers insurances.